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Ulf Sjodin MW

Ulf Sjodin MW

Became an MW 2007

Based in Sweden

Nationality Swedish

Languages Swedish, English


I was born in Piteå, a small town in the north of Sweden not far from the arctic circle and moved to Stockholm in 1985 to study chemical engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology where I got my masters degree in 1990. Started my career as a research engineer within the paper industry, working with mathematical modelling of fibre networks, but left that business in 1996 when I was employed by V&S Group as PR Manager, following the de-monopolization of imports after Sweden's entry into the EU. After 13 years of working as PR Manager, Marketing Manager and Wine Manager I left V&S to start my own consultancy business, and in August 2010 I joined the Swedish retail monopoly Systembolaget as Head of Category Management, responsible for the development of the assortment of all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. I am married to Karin, a computer consultant, since 1991 and we have two kids, Johan and Julia both born in 1998. We live in a house 15 kilometers north of Stockholm where I have planted a vineyard consisting of seven vines. In 2006 I produced two half bottles of wine of a quality unheard of before. In 2007, the harvest was lost to an invading vineyard pest called Julia and the same disease pattern appeared at harvest time in 2008. Vintage report 2009: Cold summer delayed ripening and a wet autumn gave problems with bunch rot. Not even the vineyard pest wanted the grapes. After a difficult 2010 with almost no grapes at all, 2011 came as a relief with very healthy grapes harvested on October 16. The wine was fermented almost dry before fortification, and with no sulphur added the Domaine is now proudly following the Vins Naturels trend. A total of 0.006 hl was produced, second in volume only to the legendary 2006 vintage. The 2012 vintage was a record breaking one. 0.0032 tonnes of grapes were harvested, yielding a record volume of 0.015 hectolitres. This year, the crop was harvested at night in order to preserve the natural freshness of the grapes. The success of the vintage has been the talk of the town in Sollentuna, and for next vintage I have signed a deal with a contract grower, possibly increasing the production with 100%. 2017 was the coolest summer on record, so grapes never reached the sugar level needed to make fine wine. Or even ugly wine. The 2018 harvest was the most promising so far, with more than twice the normal size of harvest expected. A warm and dry season secured high ripeness, but autumn rain caused huge problems with rot and no wine will be produced. Luckily, I have the income from my employment, so the family will be OK even after this second year of catastrophic harvest.

Current employer: Systembolaget

Primary area(s) of work: Trade, Strategy

Industry sector(s): Off trade, Buying, Auctioneer, Fine and rare wines auctions, Wine business strategy

Market expertise: Scandinavia

Specialisms: Supermarket and multiple retail, Wine auctions, Fine wine auction business, Wine judging