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D.O. Cava

Cava is the D.O. which exports the most wine from Spain with over 70% of its sales being made internationally. Its 349 associated wineries are present in over 100 countries. The D.O. encompasses more than 93,900 acres of vineyards and more than 6,100 winegrowers. Cava is a quality sparkling wine that pairs perfectly with every type of food, and is made using the traditional method, with a strict commitment to origin, land, and sustainability.

Unique terroir, craftsmanship, traditional method, and Mediterranean flavour; Cava is synonymous with excellence, and its high standard is achieved thanks to the authenticity guaranteed by the production process. The Cava Regulatory Board is responsible for safeguarding and guaranteeing the quality of Cava, and for compliance with the regulatory specifications. It is the monitoring body delegated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fish and Food to certify the origin, production method, and analytical and organoleptic characteristics of the wine.

In 2022, D.O. Cava took another step forward as a benchmark of quality, guarantee and traceability, with the launch of an ambitious new segmentation and zoning of Cava culminating with the launch of the distinctive quality labels visible on each Cava bottle.

The success of the CAVA D.O.’s commitment to ecology, sustainability and high value-added products with long ageing periods is showing unprecedented growth, especially organic Cava, thanks to the new regulation that indicates the year 2025 will be decisive, as the entire Guarda Superior category is expected to be 100% organic.

Information provided by D.O. Cava