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Tarandsaud Tonnellerie

Patience, rigour, consistency and respect are the hallmarks of the Taransaud cooperage approach, which is centred on the close-knit union between wood and wine.

Slowly, the barrel’s oak renders its components, its tannins, and its bouquet of aromas while the oxygen in the air penetrates through the wood’s grain. During this ageing in Taransaud’s French oak barrels, wines acquire the finishing touches to their character and reveal their full complexity.

In order to achieve such successful interaction and serve its customers’ commitment to excellence, Taranaud uses rigorous methods at every stage of the crafting of its barrels and tanks. The expertise of its coopers is also a decisive factor and several of them have been awarded the prestigious title of “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (Best Worker in France).

“We wish to be an active and close partner of the finest wine experts and share their views and requirements in order to develop and improve our constant search for excellence,” said Henri de Pracomtal, President of Taransaud.

Information provided by Taransaud Tonnellerie