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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Consistent with the IMW’s mission of promoting excellence, interaction, and learning across all sectors of the global wine community, we condemn all acts of injustice, whether in the form of racism and prejudice or bias, stereotyping, or being overlooked.

Still, we know that simply making a statement is not enough.

To address structural racism, we have a responsibility to act. We are spending time reflecting, listening, learning, and re-examining our activities. We will turn this into a commitment to take meaningful action as part of the IMW’s overall strategy.

In the coming months, we will share this commitment with our members, students, and the wine community to be transparent in our actions.

The IMW has work to do, and we are encouraged to see our members, students, and supporters mobilising to bring about positive change, too. Working together, we can be part of the solution.