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The IMW is led by an elected Council who are responsible for governance and strategic direction. The work of the organisation is supported by specialist Committees as listed below. 


Rod Smith MW


Philip Harden MW

Honorary Treasurer


Steve Charters MW

Chair of Education and Exam Board

Julian Gore-Booth

IMW Executive Director


Admissions Committee (AdCom)

Diversity, Inclusion and Transformation Committee (DITCom)

Lisa Granik MW (Co-Chair)
Stephen Wong MW (Co-Chair)
Eduoard Baijot MW
Lynne Coyle MW
Julian Gore-Booth (IMW Executive Director)
Gurpreet Raulia (IMW Marketing and Communications Officer)
Martin Reyes MW
Bree Stock MW
Cathy van Zyl MW

Education and Exam Board (EEB)

EEB forms an umbrella over EdCom and ExamCom. It is responsible for upholding the integrity and the standard of the IMW’s exam and education processes.

Steve Charters MW (Chair)
Michelle Cherutti-Kowal MW
Julian Gore-Booth (IMW Executive Director)
Sarah Harrison (IMW Head of Operations)
Victoria MacKenzie MW 
Caro Maurer MW
Dr Simon Rofe (External Examiner)
Neil Tully MW

Co-opted members (2022-2023)
Alison Cterctecko MW
Simon Milroy MW
Annette Scarfe MW

IMW North America (IMWNA)

Sheryl Sauter Morano MW (President)
Mary Gorman-McAdams MW (Interrim President and Interrim Treasurer)
Charles Curtis MW
Julian Gore-Booth (IMW Executive Director)
Lisa Granik MW
Andre R. Jaglom (Legal Counsel  – Non-Voting Director)
Timothy Marson MW
Eugene Mlynczyk MW
Bree Stock MW
Mark de Vere MW

Membership Committee (MembCom)

Masters of Wine Endowment Company Committee

Adrian Garforth MW (Interrim Co-Chair)
Pierpaolo Petrassi MW (Interrim Co-Chair)
Michael Brajkovich MW
David Forer MW
Philip Goodband MW
Julian Gore-Booth (Ex-officio)
Michael Palij MW
Siobhan Turner MW
Cathy van Zyl MW (Ex-officio)

Investment Officers
Philip Harden MW
Andy Howard MW


Research Paper Committee (RPCom)

Emma Jenkins MW (Chair)
Victoria MacKenzie MW (RP Coordinator)
Sarah Harrison (IMW Head of Operations)
Emma Symington MW (RP Coordinator)
Neil Tully MW (Chief Examiner)

Sustainability Committee (SustCom)

Trips Committee (TripsCom)

Natasha Hughes MW (Chair)
Katie Bono (IMW Events Officer)
Rose Murray Brown MW
Olga Crawford MW
Belinda Eaton (IMW Marketing and Communications Manager)
Julian Gore-Booth (IMW Executive Director)
Lisa Granik MW
Ying Tan MW 


IMW chairs