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Christopher Martin MW

Christopher Martin MW

Became an MW 2024

Based in United Kingdom

Chris has a background in education, with over 18 years of teaching a range of students from primary school to graduate-level courses. His love of wines flourished while he was living in Austria for several years. Finally, in 2013 he started to formalise his interest, taking the WSET Level 3 course. This followed quickly with the Diploma finishing in 2016.

Combining his educational experience with wine knowledge, he developed a multi-part wine course at the university he was working for. This then led to him joining the WSET in the business development team, where he spent time teaching and growing WSET in the Asia Pacific region.

In 2018, he became Head of Educator Development, leading the team responsible for training future WSET educators. He develops training programmes for WSET as well as works closely on the development of the Level 3 and Diploma course materials. He has created a suite of new products for WSET educators, including online and in-person training.

He judges regularly in international wine competitions, hosts masterclasses at trade shows and teaches regularly.